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Updated: 1999-05-05

With this control you can calculate a 32-bit CRC on Files, Buffers and Strings. It is perfect for situation where you need to make shore that the original data is kept intact during a transfer of some form.




Transfer EsBase64.OCX to your \windows\system or \winnt35\system32 directory and register it by executing the command:

RegSvr32 \Windows\System\EsBase64.OCX

RegSvr32.exe can be found on the Visual Basic 4.0 CD-ROM and in our dll archive ( If RegSvr32.exe fails, it's probably because you don't have the MFC 4.0 DLL library installed on your system. This is available from many sources on the Internet including our ftp archive as MFC40DLL.ZIP. Regsvr32.exe is also included in this archive. If you want to check if you already got the files in they are

  • mfc42.dll
  • msvcrt.dll
  • olepro32.dll
  • regsvr32.exe

Cookbook or how to use the EsBase64 Control

Create a EsBase64 object for an ASP application

Use the object ID ESBASE64.EsBase64Ctrl.1 when you create an instance of the EsBase64Ctrl.

So the code

<object RUNAT="server" PROGID="ESBASE64.EsBase64Ctrl.1" id="EsBase64"> </object>
set EsDes = server.CreateObject("EsBase64.EsBase64Ctrl.1")

will create the object for you.









status (short progress)

Certain operations take some time to complete. This event gives you information about how much of the job that has been completed. When a lengthy job starts the status event is fired with progress set to 0 and then you get status events until the job is complete and a status event with progress set to 100 is fired. You therefore only need to write the progress to a gauge control to give your users dynamic information.

Where to get the control?

It is possible that you are reading this documentation without having access to the control itself. If you have Internet access you just need to connect to and fetch a fully working sample of the control. At this location you can also find samples on how to use the control.

We can email the control anywhere in the world if you send us a request to do so. Please state if you want MIME or BINHEX coding. Send request to

If you use the unregistered version of the control a splash screen is displayed from time to time reminding you to register.To get rid of this nag-screen you need to register. Information is available at our site.

We ship anywhere in the world with World-wide First Class/Airmail if you select this option. The only media supported is 3.5" diskettes.The charge for this type of delivery is $15 (USD) extra.


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We also check the newsgroup comp.lang.basic.visual.3rdparty on a regular basis and will try to help on all questions posted there.

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